George Town

Assumption Church

99, Portuguese Church Street
George Town, Chennai - 600 001.
Phone: 044 2526 0933

A Brief History
The Church was established in 1640 but a mission centre was started as early as 1600. This church was under the jurisdiction of the Diocese of Mylapore till 1930. No inscriptions or tombstones of the Amrmenians are found here as found in the Mae-de-deas Church or Luz Church. Probably the Tamil community residing here built this Church, because of the Tamil inscription found on top of the altar, Maduranayaki' meanaing 'Sweet Queen'. A stone tablet below the Arch records an extension in 1857 and the construction of the parochcial house in 1848. Records of the Church Register show that Portuguese priests have laboured there from 1827-1895. Since the Portuguese priests took care of pastoral needs of the people there, the street on which this Church stands is called 'Portuguese Street' even today.